With all in house training courses you will also receive the online version of that course for FREE allowing you to access the material covered during your training course for life ! This includes video demonstrations, in depth theory, useful links & more! 


Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. We have created visual demonstrations for each section to enhance your learning. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training. 


Our courses are semi private meaning to ensure our students are receiving maximum attention from our tutors.  This allows us to spend more time on the practical demonstration and going over material to ensure students fully understand.


Private 1:1 Training

If you prefer a more private enivorment with one on one attention when learning a new skill our 1:1 training is for you.

We offer accredited and up skill 1:1 training courses.  

Please email for more information and pricing.

Group Training

Our group training is made up of small classes ensuring you get the optimum learning experience. 

Please email for more information and pricing.

Course Bundles

More for less. Our course bundles are offered at a dicounted rate. The perfect way to become the ultimate beautician for less of the cost.

Book two or more courses for discounted rates. Please email for more information and pricing.

Please enquire about our Mix & Match offer for bundles - book 2 or more courses of your choice at a discounted rate T&Cs apply.

Up Skill Training

If you are already qualified and would like to learn new techniques or styles of the beauty industry this course is for you. 

You can choose a 1:1 or group training option.

Please email for more information and pricing.

Salon Staff Training

If you are a salon owner or employer and would like your beauty therapists to learn a new treatment or up skill on their current treatments we offer 1:1 and group training days. We can come to your salon to train your staff.

Please email for more information and pricing.

Online Training

If you prefer to learn at your own pace and schedule our online training courses are for you. We cover the same material on our in house training so you wont miss a thing.

Please email for more information and pricing.

Accredited vs Non Accredited

All of our training courses are accredited meaning you can gain insurance once you have completed our course. 

Our up skill courses are non accredited.

Please email for more information and pricing.